I Prefer Queen

I’ve cleaned the house and waxed the floors

I prepared your meals and did my chores

All for you the man of the house

I worked so hard to please the king

Even though it's breaking your so-called "queen"

Your majesty your dinner is ready

All cooked up just awaiting the king's approval

Now it’s time I disappear

Into my dungeon beneath your castle stairs

Whilst I slumber, I disappear

As if I'm nothing more than fog on the bathroom mirror

I woke up late to hear you screaming

Impatiently awaiting your maids' breakfast to be ready

It’s now time I finally see you’re no king, you’re barely a peasant

And I'm the queen and this is my palace

Now it's time I make you leave, I banish you to the street

I am a woman but that doesn’t change anything

I can be powerful like anyone else

Being a man doesn’t make you superior

And being a woman doesn’t strip you of your freedom

Though it does give you a war, a battle you must fight

That is if you truly want to be presented with equal rights

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This Poems Story

My poem "I Prefer Queen" depicts the societal norms' that being male automatically makes you superior, I hear these comments every single day at school and see it almost everywhere I go. When I wrote the beginning portion of this poem, I wrote it to be in the perspective of a woman living with an egotistic and arrogant man believing he's superior, however, my main focus was the woman who was blinded by this standard that today's society has. When she has this realization that being male doesn't make you superior it was symbolic for me, no one else would really know that her epiphany was really mine. Of course, her specific situation is different than mine but the basic point is the same, I used to walk around and never thought twice about all the examples of "male superiority" but at some point, I just got fed up of being told I could never rise to the same level as a man. That was when I decided to say enough and get rid of all the toxicity in my life, just as she got rid of the man who was too full of himself. However, this also in no way is meant to say that all men are so toxic and self-absorbed, just that we shouldn't underestimate the power of someone based on the gender, religion, sexuality, or race, just on their work/ideas.