I Question

I Question...
I don’t know where to begin with life, let alone strain to realize where it is I began to live mine.
I stand in this cold black room looking out at this thing we call Life.
Life... what is that? With out you anyway.
Why am I so afraid of what it has to offer?
Is that how life was intended?
I struggle to focus on life as it should be.-
People, who do they think they are? Stubborn, greedy -cold- that explains them. I wonder the wonders of what I wonder and in my mind life is great!
Reality kicks in.
Dreams.. what are they good for? Nothing.
Dream the biggest of them all, take a step back Dreams, they aren’t real. They have no measurements, they have no understanding.
My “Dreams” I’ve dug deep in the corners of an unknown place.
I’m left on my knees calling out to the most highest, to break me of this darkness
Of these chains that bound me to this weak perception of what I call life
I Question..

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