I ran away

I ran away.
The breeze is blowing my face
Making it easier for the tears
To finally get out of their cage.
To free themselves, while freeing myself.
I've been resisting it for too long.

I had to run away.
To avoid bursting into pieces
Right there, in front of all.
I wanted to smile.
To hide the inside.
A bitter inside.
In fact, I tried to smile.
But I only managed to make a face.
I keep doing it.
It still hides the inside.
Deep down.

So, I just ran away.
To calm this stream of ideas,
That is springing at the wrong time,
In the wrong place.
To satisfy a pressing need.
The emotional and bodily need.
Of a shoulder ready to be watered.

I rather ran away.
To escape this need.
To ignore this inside that is being filled
With more emptiness, day after day
That silent cry that wrinkles my mind.
Wrinkles my life.
Wrinkles my pen.
And forces me to run.
Far, far away.

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Written June 6, 2012 Translated from French: July 17, 2020.