I, Ravenous

By Rotten   

All for one and none for the rest.
These actions bring nothing but your complacency.
If you are just, than where is your resolve? I see nothing but fallacies of insanity. Content to take everything from me. Then you tell me that I'm to blame. Well I see you for who you really are. Entitlement placed upon a pendulum of shame. So pour your heart out. Cry your tears of hate upon me. just know that I won't be the one copping out when the pressure bears its weight. So now you play your only strong suite. The only downfall is that I'm conditioned to the flame.
Time to lick your wounds and speak your ire. What's done is done and it's all the same. So when you look into my eyes do you have to swallow your pride?
Why can't you tell me what you really think of me? Can't you see that I'm tired of eating this bullshit that's been feeding me.
I'm not placing blame. In fact I know I'm suspect. So much that I'm my own victim.
After all that we've said.
After all that we've done.
After all this time.
The days go by and yet we are all still broken. Well I'd be lying if I said I didn't see this coming.
Then again I believe I have been lying to myself.
Maybe time to take my right hand off that people pleasing wheel.
My righteous anger dealt through left-handed scorn.
I have not forgotten what I am nor Lord of deity.
Ravenous with a hooven hind leg of stride.
Upon my crimson brow lies the wretched crown of thorns.
Nothing but sheep to the slaughter.
So quick to choose a side.
Absent to the values of integrity.
Loyalties lie within the construct of a herd.
Control through sacrafice.
Fall in line.
Faith defaced.
As for me I walk the line between the space.
Both light divine and unholy bearer of horns.

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