I remember

I remember
I was in third grade at recess
when my friends would say
their parents were getting divorced
but I thought "Not me, no way"
my parents were happy
I had a sister, a dog and a cat too
we went to church every sunday
and went out to eat
my dad made home cooked meals
everyday of the week

I remember
when I started realizing my parents were becoming distant
my dad lost his job
my mom was a wreck
one day we missed church
but those days turned to weeks
no more cooked meals
my parents slept apart
no longer in the same bed
I thought back to third grade when I said
"Not me, no way"
I anticipated the end

I remember
the words that were said
"we're getting separated"
It had come to an end
I didn't know why
I was only a kid
their marriage seemed so perfect
all the way up to the end

I remember
finding out about it all
the drugs
the alcohol
the lying
the cheating
my whole life crumbled
my trust was gone
who would have thought that this perfect relationship
wasn't perfect at all

we go to church as often as the sun
my mom makes our food
more days than none
yes it's different
but it's still the same
one man left
but another one came
His name is God
He protects us all
from men like my dad
so our life won't fall

I will always remember
that day in third grade
when I said "Not me, no way"
my family was happy and I was too
perfect picture on the outside
if only I knew...

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