I Remember And Can\’t.

I remember it so many times, count past the value year.
God I hold that moment so close to my heart, dear.
I remember being scared, seeing you strike into me fear.
Knowing that maybe I'd fall, and even fail if i wasn't clear-
About the way I felt when I first looked at you.
Seen you around for three years, time felt like it was over due.
Never said much, stuck off to the side lines.
Common theme is time, and time was waiting for the right time.
Till I broke apart and shattered when I hit afternoon.
And picked my pieces up piece by piece, hoping it would be over soon.
But you found a single moment, throughout the voices in my little head.
And with a look, shared with me a piece from you instead.
And its like you shot a bullet into a gallon of kerosine.
And created a dream with a sky so serene.
I had to know more, with a look, I could tell your world.
So the next day I waited outside your door, walking in swirls.
And we talked for the entire time, and I even felt a little sick,
Cause I didn't eat but I was happy that we finally clicked.
And so for a while we were unbelievably close.
Turns out the love we needed for each other was the perfect dose-
But before we even knew that, fast foward to December.
God that Iast day is something I'm always going to remember.
Ran away from the dance, too many voices.
Didn't really like the lights, oh how our choices-
Led to me seeing you running away.
And I remembered what my mom says, "Don't let her get away."
As we walked in the snow, the silence being defeaning.
I kept you company, my fingers were freezing.
Till a conflict occured, and you tried to fight you way through it.
But you lost the battle, nearly the war, standing there conflicted.
Stood there with your head down, cracking right in front of me.
As you fell, I caught you, and held you to me closely.
And there we were, as one, hugging in the white day.
I could see my smoky breath, but I had nothing to say.
Tranquility fell upon, I listened to your heartbeat.
I closed my eyes and held you tighter, refusing to get cold feet-
As people went by, and noticed us holding.
You finally relaxed, and we needed to get going.
I told him to look after you, then ran to the bus.
Leaning on the window, lost in my own thoughts.
Fast forward to February, we were already together.
Fast foward to May, playing plays and popular lovers.
Fast foward to June, throughout that time we've done so much for each other.
Fast Foward to August, I was ready for the summer-
To end, had my life planned out, with you in my mind.
So hopelessly in love, we've spent so much time,
With each other, I thought this could last endlessly.
But after all, this felt almost too much like a fantasy.
Suddenly, I got the news, they wanted to retire right away.
I ran to you, you ran outside before I had to fly away.
And for once, in our time, we both fell down and shattered in the afternoon.
We looked at the mess that was made, hoping it would be over soon.
I never recovered from that. The pieces of us still right there.
I don't think you did too. We want to still be right here.
It's been a while, we even once went back into that same room.
Looked back at all the mess, then left, hoping we'd be back soon.
Fast forward two years, our experiences changing rapidly.
I learned alot, made new friends, and had a quick recovery.
You learned alot, made new friends, and started a brand new loving.
And before we knew it, we were finally changing.
But here we are, hopefully standing twenty feet from each other.
Here for a little bit again, two wannabe lovers.
I'll smile probably, you might too, and hopefully we'll hug.
We'll remember in each other's arms how it felt to be snug.
And as we look at that door again, with all our pieces inside.
We'll think for a second, and look at each other and sigh.
Its already closed, it just matters what we decide.
And one of us, maybe both, will lock the door, and toss the key to the side.

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