I remember it all

I remember I remember it all
All the good and even the bad
Every single fight we had
And every single laugh we shared
It is running through my head
I do not like that, because it hurts too much
So I cry because I am not so rough
When it comes to you, I have never been so tough
But, you loved that about me
You loved the fact that I was weak for you
Now, that you’re gone, out of sight
My heart keeps calling your name every night
I start to cry, and I remember
How we used to tease each other
How you used to keep me warm in cold days of December
How you used to miss me when we were not together
This feeing hurt so much that I cannot describe
The memories show up in front of my eyes
I laugh at ones and at others I cry
I miss you and I still love you that is no lie
I am out of breath, my chest tightens up, Because I remember it all
All seven years, in few seconds popped out
And made me cry my eyes and heart out
What a torture, I never thought it would be this hard.
Now, I wonder if you are feeling the same or if I am already out of your mind and heart

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