I Remember When You Were mine

You were mine for a time, and I'm thankful
For the love and the joy that you brought
But now that you're gone, I'm feeling so lonesome
And I miss you with all of my heart

You were the sun in my sky, the light in my life
And I cherished each moment with you
But now that you're gone, the days feel so empty
And I long for the love that we knew

I'm grateful for the memories we shared
For the laughter, the love, and the tears
But oh, how I wish you were still by my side
To chase away all of my fears

Life without you is a lonely affair
But I hold onto the hope that we'll find
A way back to each other, where we once belonged
I'll be waiting for you, dear, in my heart and my mind

So thank you for the love, for the time that we had
I'll cherish it always, it's true
But life would be lonesome without you, my love
And I hope you'll come back to me soon.

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