“I Remembered”

I was completely intoxicated.
He would get into my space and it was like I was ignited in flames.
When he would leave it was as if I couldn’t breathe.
I had never felt passion so intensely.
He was the sun, the moon, the stars and every planet in my sky.
It was indescribable.
This man was like my high.
He would bring me complete bliss one second and then make me cry.
Cause it was like our connection terrified him and I couldn’t figure out why.
So I tried separating myself from him.
Dated other guys but the pickings were slim.
See with him my path was lit while with them it was only just dim.
In all my time on this earth I had never been adored or loved that much...
Nonetheless the more that I tried to fight the connection the more my soul & body yearned for his touch
So I surrendered...
Embraced all my feelings and every reason I fell in love to begin with I remembered.

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