I Revel in the Irony

Read the description of a competition
Twenty lines is what I need for my submission
They say write about a topic suited to a woman's interest
I reach back through my mind beginning the inquest.
And the first and only thought that occurs is: man.
As if all along that had been my plan
I revel in the irony

Love poetry with a female voice is nothing original or new
But I still feel propelled to do so, adhere to my cue
I reverse the role and think about topics of male interest
Flashes of soldiers, fathers and leader are the simplest
Woman file further down the list
After armed guards and guitarists.
I revel in the irony.

Should it be a worry that even in poetry I tell of inequality
Maybe it's just that emotions such as love seep femininity
Do I blame society for my warped view of gender?
Do I blame my parents for their archaic advice, not so tender?
Or is it me who needs to renew my place and worth?
If only there was a man who could guide me on this earth
I revel in the irony.

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