I saw; do you?

I saw them kiss, and it reminded me of us. Well I mean how we used to be, but can't be, because you're being like that with someone else. And I haven't been like that with anyone since I've been like that with you. And what I really want to know is if you still think of being like that with me?
I saw their passion, and it made me miss the passion we have. Well I mean, used to have. The passion I want back, but can't have because you're being passionate with someone else. And I've only ever had that rush of passion like that, with you. And what I really want to know is if you miss all that passion just as much as I do?
I saw the way they made love, and it made me think of the way we made love. The rush of love running through my veins. The numbing throughout my body. The taste of your skin lingering on my tongue. The scent of each other rubbed together. That forever feeling it always gave me. Then I think about you doing that with her; it breaks me. And I start to wonder, do you feel all these things I think of?

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This Poems Story

This poem is quiet recent, about a lost lover of whom a girl still thinks about. She tells a brief explanation of how her ex lover made her feel, and basically constantly asks herself if "she", being her ex, ever still thinks about her.