I Saw Eyesaw

I saw Eye saw

When I walked into a room,
I saw someone familiar but
was repelled by him, although
drawn halfway close, because
of needs.

There was a chit chat and he
looked rather unstable, unsure of
my mission. Frankly, I too was
unstable, although I did not admit
it (and surprised he was there at
that moment). Discussion did not
take off easily and was not frank on
both sides, with me telling half the
truth and he not candid, at best inept.

Now what was he trying to hide?
And why did I not tell him forthright
the purpose of my being there at?
It’s all food for thought …
but I think I had some
face saving to do on my part.
He, on the other hand
was nervy, crude and defensive.

He hurried away in predicament and
I settled down to my mission somewhat
uneasy, discerning a shaky tone in his

This uneasy relationship
punctuated by crises of mistrust,
conflicting interests, friction and discomfort,
a war of nerves?

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