I Saw Her

By diffidence, she stood with meekness in childhood
There with reverent beauty, marred by consented duty
I saw her -
But how could she for children provide
when war did call him from her side?
Yes, I saw her -
But then I blinked, a change distinct
humble no more, but the full weight she bore

By vehemence, she stood, now growth out of girlhood
There with powerful beauty, more with maternal duty
I saw her -
But how could she survive,
knowing he’d long arrive?
Yes, I saw her -
But then I blinked, a note succinct
He was no more, her heart was sore

By sorrow, she stood, the end of manhood
There with doleful beauty, gone was marital duty
I saw her -
But how could she live?
No chance now to forgive
Yes, I saw her -
Father’s death distinct,
And then I blinked

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127 Responses to “ Single poem ”

  1. josh jenkens says:

    Amazing piece

  2. Leann says:

    I’m 34 with four adopted children and I love watching them play and reminiscing my childhood that went by way too fast

  3. Leann says:

    I’m always finding different ways to cope through poetry and improving my writing skills but I love this piece you shared

  4. Brandon Mann says:

    thank you

  5. Cheryl Strait says:

    Thank you all very much.

  6. Mary Cheyne says:

    I identify with many of the sentiments in this poem. I like the practical aspects of being female but need to be outside. Iris difficult to be view as something other than fitting the mold.

  7. Elizabeth Pinkhasov says:

    Oh my gosh! I didn’t expect so many people to reply to my poem, thank you SO MUCH!!!!! It brings me so much joy that a young poet like me can inspire people of all ages!

  8. Lola Green says:

    Wondrously done!

  9. denton says:

    wait who’s poem are we talking about

  10. Zipper Wheel says:

    Short poems are brilliant and difficult to master. The greatest talent is saying more with less, saying more than personal experience, saying something irrefutably human. I should practice this more myself, but I find it a greater treasure to me to create lyrics than to free myself and others with beautiful concise truths.

  11. Megha Chatterjee says:

    I think that such poems can beautifully say a lot of things that cannot be verbally explained to people. The way your friends or relationships hurt you, a pen and paper and a poetic mind can reduce your pain. I love the power of poem writing process..

  12. April Duboce says:

    Angelique, this is bold, descriptive and beautiful. I am very sorry for the pain you went through and are still experiencing. I was raped for 4 1/2 months after my amputation. Stay strong, keep writing and know you are loved by people you don’t even know. You are a strong and courageous woman, deserving of kind and respectful love. I pray this happens for you. I will try to upload my poem about abuse to my page. Sending you hugs, strength and love.

  13. April Duboce says:

    Stacy, this is beautiful. I hear and see the meaning beneath. To heal together with this wounded bird. I can tell you have an incredibly loving soul. I wish I could meet you.

  14. April Duboce says:

    Michael, this is so very special. The love between a son and a mother is different, yet strong. I’m thrilled you had such a wonderful Mom. Your vulnerability and the integrity of this poem tell me enough about your character.You ARE a good man

  15. Merton Pajibo says:

    Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to read my poem. I appreciate your constructive criticism.

  16. Kristina Karki says:

    Can you guys rate my poems?

  17. vivid emotions says:


  18. Kellie Parks says:

    Incredible ! Good job

  19. Aisha.Hasan says:

    This was great

  20. Aisha.Hasan says:

    Would you read my poems. Merci


    The poem Tortured Soul is poignant to torture the reader’s soul!

  22. Stephen Brownfield says:

    This is a heart felt piece and speaks to my soul, as it makes me feel you soul.

  23. Ross Mitchell says:

    Thank everyone who commented on my poem, but with so many liking my poem, how did my poem get knocked down to 3 instead of a five

  24. MK says:

    I am a new writer, but I’ve been old. I’m great at writing, so I would love it if everyone would help me by rating my poems.

  25. Sara Naquin says:

    Love it!!

  26. Sara Naquin says:

    Love it!! I like how you expressed your words. Your very much heard!

  27. Ayushi Srivastava says:

    Thank you everyone for your appreciation ..I am a student so I am trying to improve my writing skills.

  28. Ayushi Srivastava says:

    Hey! I wrote it..don’t try to do that

  29. Leyla Ahmed says:

    I love this.

  30. Raven Moonshadow says:

    No you did not. Not this one. I have my intellectual property rights reserved.

  31. IslandPrincess says:

    Awesome poem

  32. Elizabeth Pinkhasov says:

    Can someone explain to me how other people’s poems are being praised in the responses section to MY poem? My poem is “The Sky Is Blue”, and for some reason, most of the responses above this one don’t have anything to do with my poem. I can assure you, that the work is original, Ayushi Srivastava and others

  33. Willow says:

    The poem Is so well done that I could actually picture it using my mind’s eye.Brilliant just brilliant

  34. Lauren Barrett says:

    I could really feel the emotions emanating out of this poem. It’s well written and expresses the pain and suffering that is being felt. I can feel the cry for help as well as the warning that this poem is giving of what can happen if nothing is done. Wonderfully done. Beautifully written.

  35. Wriley Lee says:

    the same thing is happening to me lol

  36. MV3 says:

    Here’s my new poem- (clearing my throat ) Getting tired of this B.S. poetry nation is officially lame
    It’s full of buggy nonsense for this they should be ashamed.

  37. Rumaisa Rashid says:

    Wonderful piece

  38. Trinity EE says:

    Why does it say responses to “Single Poem” even though I’m looking at my poem? It does not make sense.

  39. Kora Rovelt says:

    To those confused- Poetrynation is probably working on it, but for now, most of the poems we make’s comments are merged. I wouldn’t recommend starting a comment fight. Those are fun, but not to everyone. Nobody is taking credit for other people’s poems.

  40. Sandra Carpenter says:

    I have to say this is a very deep piece for this time to the Pills Poem!!! By HG

  41. Jocelyn dominguez says:

    Thank you to everyone for commenting. Looking forward to reading everyone’s work.

  42. Kokomo Jo says:

    I will rate others now

  43. Lysander Quill says:

    Wow!!! Impressive

  44. Jerry Lawrence says:


  45. esra says:

    I am excited to read your poems, let’s enjoy!

  46. Tahjiani Jones says:


  47. Xodiak says:

    I enjoyed the story telling

  48. Emily Martinez says:

    I’m also having the same problem XD I’m in the comments of my poem and they’re in response to 3 different poems ??? I’m sure they’re all great though haha

  49. Katie says:

    Bravo so good!

  50. Katie says:

    Pls tell me if my poems are good!

  51. Bean says:

    Is anyone here real? 😐

  52. Tylee says:

    I am real.

  53. Tylee says:

    Or as real as I can be.

  54. Kora Rovelt says:

    Depending on how one defines ‘real’

  55. theonewhothinks says:

    Awesome poem, I loved reading every second of this!

  56. Om Prajapati says:


  57. Om Prajapati says:

    Anyone wanna be friends
    Instagram I’d – omji9_752

  58. Patricia Mansfield says:

    I hope everyone enjoys reading my poems, I like give people hope specially these days everyone needs to know they are loved and they never alone in this world today.

  59. Patricia Mansfield says:

    This poem is great.

  60. Brandon Mann says:

    hey guys if you wanna chat with me my insta is bluehead_savage

  61. Kora Rovelt says:

    Not us just creating a random a– chatroom here

  62. Jessica Rampou says:

    This is beautiful

  63. Simret Berhe says:

    i cant tell if people are commenting one my poem

  64. Logan says:

    I think these may be replies to my poems, but I am not sure. I see these when I rate poems. I see these when I look at my own.

  65. Joseph Misita says:

    We should mention the title of the poem we are commenting on from now on so the writers know if their work meant something others : )

  66. Merton Pajibo says:

    Francis Talam, this is a brilliant poem. As an African just like you, I definitely identify with the struggle of being a stranger in another man land and dealing with adversities.

  67. Silence says:

    Can you all specify which poem you are talking about it’s under my poem I’m confuse!

  68. Kristina Karki says:

    Guys, please say the persons name when you are commenting about their poems so they know exactly who you’re talking about. Thank you.

  69. Kaitlynn James says:

    Beautiful poem!

  70. Kora Rovelt says:

    Yeah, name the poem you’re commenting for, it makes it less confusing.

  71. Morgan Savanna says:

    Hey you guys if you’re a fan of River Phoenix, (RIP) I wrote a poem inspired by his passing. Please check it out! It’s on my profile, titled “Beautiful Things Die”

  72. Catherine Lloyd says:

    Enjoy reading every poem I can please read mine and comment

  73. Gin says:

    I love it♡

  74. Lil'Leilyn Priester says:

    I feel the same, they never can see what is on the inside, and they never will.
    Thank you for writing this, it is so inspiring!

  75. T.J Currie says:

    Loved it thank you

  76. Margie Pierson says:

    Alone by Abbie Salkeld, such a beautiful poem!

  77. Morgan Savanna says:

    Hey you guys if you’re a fan of River Phoenix, (RIP) I wrote a poem inspired by his passing. Please check it out! It’s on my profile, titled “Beautiful Things Die”

  78. Tiffany says:

    I love this poem you did a beautiful job!

  79. Elle Godfrey says:

    I can’t really tell which/if any comments are under my poem or not(it’s Beer Bubbles, give it a read!:)) I wrote it when I was devastated and 17 so let me in on feedback. lol.

  80. walkergia01 says:


  81. Tristan Stinson says:

    This poem sent chills down my spine. It is full of so much painful and raw emotion. Thanks for sharing your poem.

  82. Keenan Varner says:

    Great visual !

  83. Sriya Kota says:

    Lovely poem, Im new to poetry in general started about 6 months ago can someone rate my poems?

  84. Sriya Kota says:

    My younger self would cry if she read this poem (I was bullied a LOT when I was a kid lol, that’s what got me into poetry

  85. Ousmane says:

    Poetry Nation should do better fixing this mess. We have no idea what these comments are specifically referring to.

  86. Kaile Willis says:

    Hello, I just started my poem The Wind, please read and tell me what you think!

  87. Emily Martinez says:

    Seriously this is so funny XD if anybody has read any of my stuff, I’d love to hear what y’all think!

  88. Chloe Wilson says:

    hey I’m new to writing poems could you guys go and look at a couple of them

  89. Kaarthik says:

    This one’s to Chloe Wilson’s “Lighthouse”.Your poem sure does a great job in painting a picture in my mind..The visual nature is on point.The way in which it sows a hope to humanity by ensuring that even the darkest times have a glimmer of light is so optimistic..I really like it.

  90. Chloe Wilson says:

    thank you so much for the feedback

  91. Michael Kuracz says:

    Taylor Darks “Mirror” well composed, brought the image of your feelings to life.

  92. James Farris says:

    I really like and identify with the poem “Candy Coated solitude” by Naomi Rocca. I thought that it was a really well written piece about identity and having a crisis of identity. I’ve always thought of poetry as being the way a writer can pen freely about the complexity of life. I enjoy the fact that some of the deepest most complicated problems in life can be resolved by a poem. That is what I believe is going on in “Candy Coated Solitude”. If a person were going through an identity crisis (as I have and I am sure many others have as well) I would offer them this in hopes that it would give them solace. Well written. I enjoyed it.

  93. Sriya Kota says:

    omg same lord i always see this under every poem

  94. Sriya Kota says:


  95. Sriya Kota says:


  96. Sanjeli Tripura says:

    This piece though!

  97. Sanjeli Tripura says:

    Hey do ratee my poem also.. It’s on love

  98. Kye Hanna says:

    I don’t know who all has claimed this as theirs. I’ve seen people telling someone named Stacy they relate to the caged girl… Among other names claiming it. But this one is mine. The story behind it was the rocky way I grew up full of abuse and trying to survive everything I bore witness to. Hence, the caged bird was born.

  99. James Farris says:

    I really enjoyed the poem “Drifter” written by Jeniffer Skoczen. I could definitely relate to it and found meaning that I can apply in my own life. If I had to offer an analysis I would say the poem is about the feeling of being alone or an outsider. I sometimes find myself feeling this way. As though people I am around have formed a belief or an opinion about me based on their reluctance to inquire or their unwillingness to understand. Even if I were to explain to them the feeling of being an outsider sometimes has become commonplace. Thus I am comfortable with it now.

  100. James Farris says:

    I enjoy *** by Inna Ayrapetova. She is a talented poet. Her writing to me breaks the monotony of rating poems. Instead of being anxious and wondering how the poetry contest might work out for me and others, I’m thinking about beautiful smelling candles and spring air. Thank you so much for sharing ***.

  101. Syreeta Johnson says:

    I love this poem this is deep.

  102. Lyric and lines says:

    Good point of view. Everyone deserves a mother like this. Nice tribute.

  103. Morgan Savanna says:

    Hey check out my mini poem titled ‘Snow’ I wrote about a drunk man alone in a cabin one snowy evening.

  104. eloise says:

    omg ik him

  105. Trinity EE says:

    Im real Bruh-

  106. Deciver. says:

    Im like so confused right now…. theres 100 comments underneath my own post talking about other peoms…???

  107. Yuta says:

    the site is glitched bro 🙁

  108. Lil'Leilyn Priester says:

    Can somebody PLS rate my poems? Some of them are CAGED, LEYO, ESCAPE FROM REALITY, MISUNDERSTOOD, and I have a lot more. Maybe if I get good enough ratings I can be the youngest person to publish a book. 🙂

  109. Lil'Leilyn Priester says:

    I’m sorry, but what happened with “traumatized”????
    SO confuzeled

  110. Lil'Leilyn Priester says:


  111. Lil'Leilyn Priester says:

    For “RUNNING MASCARA IS HER FINGER PAINT”, Mr.BoggerBear sir, you are aware that there are children looking at this website right? What the **** is wrong with you dude! I’m sorry but how do I read this and not tell somebody that this is inappropriate? SO wrong. You shouldn’t even refer to things like that on an app like this. And other poems you wrote are just as inappropriate as this one! PLS STOP!

  112. Evan Thibodeaux says:

    hi guys! i only have one poem submitted so far but i’d really appreciate it if yall went read and rate it <3 thank you!

  113. James Farris says:

    Shallow by Stephen James is a really good poem. I can relate to what he is saying. I live in the inner-city and sometimes I witness the downward spiral and wonder about the self-destructive path. I wouldn’t take such a path but knowing that it exists is often the reason I think I write poetry in the first place. Stephen’s poem reminds me of so much of the going on’s going on around me. He writes from a standpoint that I do as well. I liked reading this poet’s work.

  114. James Farris says:

    Stephen James’s poem When Daylight ends. Good poem. Is it about pigeons?

  115. JACYNDA LONG says:

    Please check out my work

  116. Ebony Long says:

    Being a black women I strive for equality daily, This hit home when you said to sleep well at night, omg that is great. Thank you for writing this inspiring poem it made me feel warm inside.

  117. Ebony Long says:

    I am working on emotional maturity and control and emotions can be deceiving, I loved the way you worded the poem it’s great and very impressionable. Thank You.

  118. David Hyatt says:

    Hello everyone, I’m enjoying the poems and looking forward to reading more material. If you come across my poems, I hope you enjoy. Have a great day!

  119. Racquel Taylor says:

    plz check out my poem

  120. RAH says:

    Racquel, how do we find it? Name?

  121. RAH says:

    To all poets and those like me, who are still aspiring to earn that moniker. I’ll prioritize reviewing anybody’s work, if you agree to do the same for mine. Any takers? Let’s work together. I hate to ask for something without offering something in return.

  122. ELI CHACHA says:

    am happy to be here

  123. ELI CHACHA says:

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  124. Emily Noisom says:

    check out my poem: “When you grow up” It was published in the anthropology a few years ago 🙂

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  126. Sammii says:

    Read my poem ” Broken Love” please and thank you

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