I Saw….!

By Demma   

Can you imagine ?
What I Saw?
I saw happiness everywhere,
I saw hatred went away from here,
I saw enemies were becoming friends,
I saw fighting was coming to an end,
I saw people sharing gifts,
I saw love between them still exists,
I saw peace everywhere,
I saw people working for each other's  welfare,
I saw all the  jails were empty,
I saw all the old age homes were  clean which were once so crowdy,
I saw  happiness all the way,
I saw all the rotten flowers were blooming again,
I saw all the clouds were showering rain,
I saw nightmare was going away,
And very next morning..
I saw it was something shocking...,
It was nothing...,
But a dream...

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This Poems Story

This poem is about something today world is deprived of. This poem is actually about my dream. In this dream I saw the things which can rarely be found in today's world. And I am so sorry for that.