I SAY, A Change

I say, don’t claim it a sin I only dreamt to win
I ain’t a sucker but the Get going stubborn.
I say, don’t call me a killer Though I try only killing the hurdles.
I am fighting for my struggles And no evil can ever cuddle. Know the hood where I would be
because me not playing PUBG.
I might be bad But I am trying to be good G
Guess they never understood me and they’d kill me if they could see.
I’m a lot but not a good thing Go on you bird, you should sing. It’s a crazy world that hates me They constantly degrade me.
Dim doom, late night I’m praying
No weapon raised, I’m saying.

Please carry me, Lord save me Please get me back home safely.
From state to state the same thing,
I’m easiest so blame me.
Like my father, he that made me,
I’ve been slowly drinking lately. And I feel like they forsake me,
Too trusting till they play me. Damn the world full of weird,
Praying my every second plan to be sheered.
They afraid me, they try invade me,
But they can’t stop me since they haven’t made me.
No instagram, don’t rate me,
No photoshop can fake me.
Only the reality I am stating,
I hope some change I will be making.

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This Poems Story

The poem is about the struggle of a girl in order to pursue her dreams. The society often creates prejudices against women and limits her rights by defining what\'s right and wrong for her.