I see a red rose

I see a red rose in a field of green
A woman as radiant as the sun rising
A beauty about which angels do sing
And a heart worth forever loving
I see the sun rise from a dark night sky
She is a dream, light and graceful like a butterfly
She is as soft as the clouds that gently float by
And next to hers my heart shall ever abide
I see a silvery moon in the heart of purple night
A beauty for which kingdoms did fight
A soul filled with warm tender light
And the only person who has ever made everything right
I see a dream that does live on into the day
She makes my soul shutter and sway
She is my hope that has never given way
And more than a lifetime of words could ever say
I see her reflection on a ocean of calm
A flower drenched In the moisture of dawn
A breathe of life to live an eternity on
And a smile that will be there when others have gone
I see the petal floating in a breeze that blows
She is all that my mind sees all that it knows
She is in my heart wherever it goes
And she shall forever be my one red rose

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