I see myself in tomorrow

By Leela   

Whatever I do, seems to be already gone in my memory and tomorrow will never know my fears. Whatever I think I seem to forget, never there is a certain importance to any given thought, tomorrow will never know my dreams. Whatever I say, seems to be different to what world is speaking, there was a light in my every spoken world, yet tomorrow will never know my hopes. I did open my eyes long time ago, I thought I would see a lot of life, never I was ready to be happy for no reason when I had a good reason to be sad. How broken I was no one ever knew, tomorrow would never know my tears. I seem to forget that I wasn't being listened to for internity by myself, I was deaf but loud speaker. Now, I manage to laugh just to try to wake up soul put to sleep, tomorrow will never know my smile and I'm pretty darn glad that's the way it is.

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    This Poems Story

    This is the story about traveling inside my mind and my perception of time.