I see the Light

What would you prefer?
A sweet lie or the bitter truth as it were?
A dressed up demon of life or the bare angel of death?
It doesn’t matter because I will tell you about both!

Life is an enchantress trapping you with her spells,
Death is the saviour who breaks those threads.
The first breath of life starts with a painful cry,
But as you draw you last breath, the pain subsides.
With life, everyday is a struggle and each day a new fight,
While death brings you the ultimate peace and quiet.
Each day of life comes at a great price,
However, death never demands any kind of sacrifice.
I need not tell you that life is unfair,
But you should know that in the eyes of death all are the same.
You hold on to your dear life but she doesn’t care,
You fear death yet he patiently waits for you in there.
Everyday you live brings you closer to death,
You see she has already sold you ahead.

I have seen the light and so I accept the truth
I refuse life and all its abuse.
I accept death like he accepts me
He saves me from life and finally I am free.

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