I See You

I see you,
I see you around school
I see you trying to be cool
I see you acting like you are following the rules
But in fact you are a fool

I saw her smiling in the hallway
But inside her, is damaged everyday
In fact she was bullied by you today
I see that she have the power to change the world
But a few words from you, have destroyed her dreamworld
And then You turn her world into an underworld

I see that he try to reach his goal
But because of the jealousy you hold
You used him like a foothold
I see he try his best
But you make fun of the way he dress
And now he think that he look like a mess

Please just stop!
Just stop and think about your sin
Is it her fault because you are not fitting in
Or do you just have thick skin
So please think again
Does it make you feel better to gain their pain?

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