I See You

Over sidewalks covered by childish chalk doodles
I see your little feet scurry by,
and I turn for a second glance at the impossible,
but you've already vanished into thin air.

In crowded grocery stores I hear calls of your name
and swear your voice echoes in response,
but it's always some other little boy,
smiling mischievously at his family
as if he knew some important secret.

In playgrounds and jungle gyms
your presence screams its way into existence
until the insanity almost seems real all over again.

You can't be here because you're already gone.
And I know this. Honest to God I do.

But yet I see you. Everywhere.
In every second of every minute.
In every hour of every single day.
In places hidden in the corners of my memory.
I see you.

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