I Shiver Uncontrollably

I shiver uncontrollably
Underestimating the foe I had so
Naively chosen to stand against
In my madness, I decided on a battle
In which is the end
My end.
As my body incessantly shakes
I try to grasp my hand around reality
The constant motion
One after the other after the other
Sends my thoughts to a uniform
Existence where feelings no longer matter
I stare into the depths of my opponent
Glancing down and seeing utter nothingness
My eyes-empty, but full of reflection
The ocean.
The waves, an endless movement
Wearing tirelessly down
One brutal attack after another
Filled with strength and determination
One thought in mind, and only one
Going forward.
Where that does happen to be
The sea need not care
It perseveres through time
Leaving the past behind in a fury
And creating the future in a flash.

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