I shouldn\’t be here

I shouldn’t be here
I shouldn’t be there
I shouldn’t be the one tryna breath in this air
I shouldn’t be cool
I shouldn’t be fun
I shouldn’t be the one to take off and run
I shouldn’t speak words
I shouldn’t preach verbs
I shouldn’t be the one tryna rhyme to your standard
I shouldn’t see through
I shouldn’t say truth
I shouldn’t
I shouldn’t

See this is all I hear now a days
I shouldn’t do this
I shouldn’t do that
All this I shouldn’t crap should be left in the past
Living in the life we do now
I shouldn’t won’t help you pass
It’s about taking risks
So you can find what fits your personal fits
In this overwhelming mist
Yes you can say
I shouldn’t be perfect
I shouldn’t find the words that fit
But what does that do to your own purpose
I’ll tell you
It ruins your life
It ruins your style
It ruins the fact that we can still find ourselves in this time
I mean we do have awhile
It ruins your friends
It ruins your trends
It ruins everything that you can do for you to be able to stand
It ruins this world
It ruins this truth to be told
It ruins a life that is full of happiness and risks you should take
All it does is ruin
So don’t say
I shouldn’t be here
I shouldn’t be there
I shouldn’t be the one to breath this air
Cause all your doing is ruining yourself and everyone around you
Instead take some risks
Cause that’s the only way you will find your comfort zone and your true
so from now on try saying
I can be here
I can be there
I can Be the one breathing this air
I can do this
I can do that
I can do all this stuff I was saying I shouldn’t to
Cause that was a plate full of crap
This will slowly show you how life is about what you do
And not what you didn’t do
Moving on will be hard
Cause you formed a habit saying I shouldn’t
But habits can be broken
Look at any professional
They go from having bad habits
To sitting on millions of dollars
All because they broke their habits to improve their lives
Just like you
So stop saying I shouldn’t
And start with something new

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