I Shouldv’e Known

before I really knew who you really were,
seeing your face for the last time
standing right in front of me with a smile so bright:
that was the moment that brought me so much joy
I should've known

I thought our love was real when you said you loved me,
left me for another with no surprise
brokenhearted with no words to say,
leaving me in so many tears
I should've known

we were the best as one,
but you were afraid to try
not being able to tell me how you felt
you never were really alone
you just needed a push,
a push to boost your self-esteem,
keep you moving on
I should've known

.to try and keep you was selfish of me
being too busy to talk when I needed you
that was so foolish of you to do
I myself never tried to play with your heart,
as affectionate as I am I was concerned
that you were tired of being home by yourself
unhappy 'cause I wasn't there
I should've known

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