I Speak Volumes

Bring forth the creator that put me on this Earth
And left me with such a drastic curse
Everywhere I go, people stare and whisper
Their scowls cook me up and eat me like dinner
I pity the fool who dares to come any nearer
Because once they get close, they'll only see clearer
Just what type of monster I am
With my blood I write, so please, cleanse your hands

Welcome to my world, where I care what you think
Any word can be a weapon, so watch what you speak
My brain has been warped by this world's desire
My self esteem has been brutally beaten, and set on fire
Don't tell me I'm worthy, that's not what I wish to hear
Just tell me I'm pretty, and come close, come near
I'll whisper faintly, how terrible I am
Just to hear those soothing words again

The truth is I'll never believe the opinions that mean the most
Because my life is a staged nightmare, with a terrible host
That host is me,
giving an ear to anyone wishing to speak up about she
I need acceptance,
because my confidence is as dead as the bottom of the sea
I need you to breathe existence into my lungs
If I'm not accepted by you, I'm not accepted by anyone

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