I Stand

I stand alone I stand strong as I weather the storms of life I stand
what didn't kill me just made me strong as I face each surge I stand
yesterday is the past I lived to survive as a survivor alone I stand
today is the present I learned and challenged as a conqueror I stand
tomorrow's the only future I plan to build as a lone warrior I stand

I stand alone I stand strong I overcome the shallow grave of slumber
victorious I rise above the shadow of the unconscious grave I somber
battling strongholds and the abyss a waning bowels of ash and cinder
like blazing fires raging and fiery flames burning an inferno render
gathering knowledge and wisdom as I rise above the hells of encumber

I stand alone I stand strong I closed my eyes so I can shut out rife
overwhelm by Pandora's Box of Ills engulf by Medusas Curse of strife
soaring above all my turmoil and anguish overcoming this broken life
rising above yesterday's shallows soaring above todays shadow strife
spending today for tomorrows wrong to make right for yesterdays life

I stand alone I stand strong to brave tomorrow I conquer I surrender
victoriously consuming again another battle's stronghold that hinder
as I search the whole world through the four faces of earth's tender
to the four corners of the world I search earth's frontier to tinder
In spirit in soul I soar the starry filled skies I rise above bender

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