By Tommy   

Standing here, I look up deep into the night,
gazing at the world beyond just watching and waiting
I look closer and I begin to see the image of her beauty
the clouds part, heavens open wide, there, i see her smile I gasp the sight of her beauty, amazing!
Her eyes, they twinkle, they hold a story within a galaxy all untold
Within the story begins its revelation!
A womans heart, a story of a mother of a wife, her will so strong a woman who built the foundation of her family stronger then ever built of love and understanding and of kindness
Standing here I am mesmerized by all that she is by all that she can do by all that she has acomplished
I stand with no words on toung, with no words that can describe what i feel inside
Courage and honor her faithfulness incomparable my love completely hers
Standing here I stand before you my love, my best freind, my all, my wife, the one!
Here I am,
I stand!!!

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    For my wife