i stand for you

now you see, now im in your sight. i stand there, tall, thinking not only of me but us both, while shouting fuck you no, no, no, fuck me. im no longer here, an my (fifty one) all ways beats your (fifty.) im lost an i found you, did you stagger off the path, that beats feet. is that why your scared? you no longer here that heart beat.i went crazy watching you die on my feet. you were to close an they were aiming for me. that's what i say now they don't sleep. they can barely see me when im a awake but they visit when im asleep. they say they got me..? i rather not ask. why don't they play fare? good things die fast. loyalty didn't last, they had there's drawn, i had none they stood there an laughed, now im sad, when i met them i knew they wouldn't last. things from the past. didnt call friends jus fellas that when looking at me they would turn to laugh. this lesson went fast. when things change ill be the me you needed to have stayd at last. true friend...?

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