I stare out my window and think


My mind isn’t a sponge, it’s a pit of quicksand
The good things sink in slowly, too slowly
The bad things get stuck and struggle to get out
Which only makes it sink in further and faster
Until it gets hidden under forever
And it really is a bottomless pit
My imagination making it endless
I curse my brain as I use it to write this
Yes, how ironic
I love it when that happens though
When my thoughts contradict
Sometimes I want to save the world
And other days I’ll want to sleep in
But staying in, oh staying in
Has made the worst come out
I want to close my eyes and quit
But the calls for help are too loud
And the walls are thin
And it’s easy to click
There’s nothing else to do but read and listen
Everything is falling apart
And it’s hard to find a ray of hope
When people are dying or trying
To see through all of the smoke
This is not the time to pray, but to vote

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