I surrender / During the war

I hope you fall & shatter your heart like you did mines. I hope the memory of us burns from your conscience, blocking out the essence of you ever wanting love to resurrecte you.

I never did anything but you closed the door, slammed shut on me. Loaded my dreams & love on a flight for two, neglecting all the junctures that brought us to shore. You always uttered that you want me but leave me in my dreams to suffer a repeat of the days when the grass seemed greener.

Surrendering over my heart that killed millions to find you. Anything I've said was used against me in the court of your own frame of reference. Never did I have the right to plead to cuipd before allowing our anger to rest it's case. I no longer can afford another one of your misdemeanors.

You possessed my emotions to only have me descend into that same dream you walked in and out of when it was best for you. Im exchaused from having rollover minutes, a bill you could never commit to. Next time you'll know to process your affection before the war.

Shots are fired but that doesn't hinder us from moving forward. Vacating all the beliefs we've ever known in the past to win this war. The war when victory was over love.

As we Dash through the dark smokey night from the burning of lost intimacy, the screechs of people being ripped out of there devotions gave me fear of waking up, up from a love Ive never wanted to stop fighting for.

You promised to adore me beyond the sky's my soul could walk through until being murdered in the warmth of your own fear. Breaking a military bond we've trained for years to maintain.Insensible of being able to acknowledge that things will never work one-sided.

When my time shall come, when time has given up on us all. Cover me in my forgiveness & lay me down in a casket of my tears so I shall rest swimming with clocks.

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