I Swim Through Life

I Swim Through Life

I swim through life.
Discovering new worlds
With every language I learn.
I try to move quickly
from China to L.A.
L.A. to N.Y.
I don’t enjoy the
13 hours flight to China every single summer.
But I enjoy every single summer I spent in China.
I see different color skies.
And different people underneath
with different lives.
But we all still share the same feelings
and yet connected,
by The Butterfly Effect.

I am thankful for where I am.
When I was a kid,
I swallowed a coin once.
I threw up in my sleep once.
I am lucky,
I didn’t choke to death.
Sometimes I try to see my future,
But my vision is hazy.
I dream about been an artist.
I go back in time
to the 20th century,
when the Dadaism art movement occured.
I wonder why Van Gogh cut his ear off,
I read about Banksy’s self destructing painting.
I buy a one hundred dollar sewing machine
that becomes a decor.
Then I stop dreaming,
Only I wish
I had as much passion I’d liked about art.

I swim through life
fretting about the waves,
As I go with the flow.
I once slept days
without knowing the time
nor did I care much.
Until someone told me
“Time flies
But you are the pilot”
That hit me
like a comet
hit the earth.
Exploding into a million pieces
while leaving an unforgettable Trace.

Trying not to drown
as I go with the flow.
I swim through life.

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