I Take It…

I can't tell you the last time I cried
over a living man
My first lover ripped my only heart from inside
with cold bare hands
Young, and meaning no wrong
My hollow chest and I carry on
Heartlessness on auto-pilot
Passed the places I don't belong

So how do I have nervous shakes, empty aches
Right in the place, where my heart used to stay
Did you meet with him to make a deal
So I heal, so I feel
Is this my heart, or have you given up yours?
I don't understand what you're here for
But it can't be by mistake, so I take it...
You just want me to love again

I tell you it's not safe here
Most come and die
You saw the danger, pushed right on through
With surefire eyes
Young, with plenty of time
My hollow chest and I were fine
Until heartful-ness was on my mind
And the past could be left behind

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