I Think About You

I think about you.
Your love, your advice, your strength.
I think about you.
Your patience, your humor, your honesty.
I think about you.
Your humility, your compassion, your faith.

Your passion for life breathes life into me.
"I want ten years. I don't care what the doctor says."
I am so sorry you were in so much pain.
You hid it from everyone around you.
You tried to go about life as if cancer wasn't a big deal.
You were so strong, so no one ever knew how bad it was.

I think about you, up in heaven looking down on the world.
You truly were a godsend. So selfless and forgiving.
You touched so many lives, put aside your own needs.
Your family became more than just your blood.

Now you are gone. But I still think about you.
I know the hundreds of lives you touched think about you.
You pushed me to be the best person, shared your wisdom with me.
God has a plan- I just wish that didn't include taking you.

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