I Think I Flew

Gently rocking, legs pumping
The chain rattles against the metal pole.
I tilt my head up, the only way left to go.
Finally no more downs anymore.
I fly past it all,
The tennis shoes squeaking, the violin bows screeching,
The girl saying move left in a nearby flower field,
The textbook I only see, the A that was not for me,
Until it was only friends left speaking.
Then the rush of words slowly turn to wind,
The wind cloaking all noise,
The air swirling past my face.
I only see the sun laughing, beckoning,
Higher and higher,
Lighter and lighter.
Hand outstretched flying through the air,
Bliss and laughter shaking through my frame,
A smile still on my face
As I crash into the cold concrete paveway.

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