I think of you

I wake up and think of you,
I dream of what we could be,
Remember the days we laughed? ,
Remember the days we cried? ,
We would always be there for each other,
Do you remember those days? ,
Yes we fight but,
The next day we are together,
You show me the reason why I smile everyday,
Your my true happiness.
I can see you in my dreams,
And I know we were meant to be.
Your the stars in my sky,
Your the only one I need.
Not getting to see you kills me,
I never thought I would have to see the day were you walk away,
You were supposed to be there when I need you,
But now your gone and I can’t tell you how much I miss you.
Do you remember that day we were having fun with our friends and you told me you loved me?
I guess having feelings is not important to you is it?
You left me and you didn’t say goodbye , you left me there all alone to cry.
Do you know how much it hurt me?
I guess you will never know because now I am gone.
I wish I could see you again but now I am gone and on my own .

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