I Think We Are Horses

Sometimes there are no words to use
To say the things I feel
Even I need you is not enough
Especially when I don't need you
And especially when I'm so numb even wanting is a stretch
I don't want anything – I am floating on snow
I am frozen shut like a rusty locket that hides my dead soul
I remember a warmth that used to be
I reach to it, but I don't think it can live here anymore
It doesn't want to be here anyways.
This is a metaphor for why I don't have friends
Because there's no one that I can text
And there are no words on this keyboard to describe how I feel
And how I am beginning to think it's okay to feel this way
And this ice cold is my new temperature
And it's not temporary
And I'm sorry I can't embrace
I'm sorry I can't meet you underneath the sun
I hope you have fun there,
Please dance laugh and sing there
I am here and we are all wearing masks underwater
no one can breathe
but we continue to pretend, because someone told us we were fish
I think we are horses

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