I Thought

I thought it such a wary thing
to catch a lost bird by its wing
to stifle hope before it's heard,
to cast the stones before the word.

I thought it such an idle pose
to face the sky whilst in repose,
to bury dreams in crooked earth,
to laugh in death to cry in birth.

I thought it such a wasteful state
to bolt the door behind locked gate
to crack the codes of riddles past,
to seek delight in shadows cast.

I thought it such a mindless move
to belie and not behoove,
to refute my heart's sole plea,
to defy God's symmetry.

I thought it such a fickle fight
to spinelessly be led by spite,
to be so frightened of the night,
to warm my skin by your cold light.

I thought it such an aching act
to disregard our soul's sworn pact:
to love by Truth or truly be
two lone souls for eternity.

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