I Thought I Saw

I thought I saw an Angel
As I stood knee deep in the mire
She was sat on the edge of hell
That burned, a fiery, funeral pyre

Smiling, she looked down on me
With sadness in her eyes
As I sat and cleaned my rifle
Readying for the morning dies

Fifty men were with me yesterday
But only twenty now remain
Listening to the repeating booms
They huddle like children, against the explosive rain

Six hours to dawn, so the Sergeant says
Then over the top we are to rush
To charge into a field of craters
And fight through a thorny steel bush

For honour and for glory
Come the dawns shouting rally
For our home, for our family
So up we go into deaths valley

I think I see an Angel
Through the smoke and shrapnel stings
She is hovering above the stench
With outstretched golden wings
Come on lads, stay in line
Comes the Sergeants battle cry
We are nearly there just a few more steps
We can do it, we can try.

I see the smoke is clearing
There’s a figure, his rifle raised high
His uniforms a different colour
But I see the same look in his eye

Our rifles are aimed, our triggers primed
But neither willing to take the shot
He looks just like my brother
He does, doesn’t he? Maybe not.

Then his eyes they fill with wonder
And his rifle falls to the ground
He points over my shoulder
And lets out a nervous sound.

And I know he has seen the Angel
So I turn to take in the view
To find her standing in glory
Amongst the muddy, bloody goo

She smiles as the tears fall
And reaches out her hand
I know in that moment
Why she wanders the desolate land

I barely hear the noise behind me
As the gun is fired my way
Or feel the punch as something hits my chest
Making my body sway

Another soul for her collection
And as my body hits the ground
She reaches in and grabs a hold
In love and sadness my soul is bound

Too soon the guns are silent
There are no winners here today
A field of broken bodies
And the Angel goes on her way

Looking for the next battle
There is always one somewhere
Man fighting Man is as old as time
And the sorrow of this, the Angel will bear.

For all our souls.

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This Poems Story

This poem relates to the senselessness of war yet the nature of man since the beginning. The conflict of both.