I Thought of You Today

I thought of you today as I strolled down the walkway
on a beautiful sunlit day.
As I listened to the birds sing my favorite song,
"The joy of life, The joy of love."
As I walked I engaged the beauty of crystal clear skies
planted in the forefront of the calming baby blue
as if it were painted.
Then all of a sudden, and without warning
my path seemed eternity;
The temperature became uncomfortably cold
and the skies darkened.
Each step I took became heavy and hard,
Anxiety consumed me with each laborious inhalation
And with each blink of an eye,
my vision seemed to elude me.
My once free spirited imagination became melancholy,
because for a moment I thought of life without you.
I quickly changed my thought.
It was then I realized I love you,
When "I Thought of You Today."

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