I too, have a dream

I have a dream
In this nightmare I have a dream
A dream that we won't just give up
That we won't take our lives for granted
That we won't just throw ourselves away

My dream
My dream isn't for me
It's for all the families with an empty chair
It's for those with a rope in their hand
Staring over a ledge

I have a dream
A dream where we're open
We discuss
We know how important we really are
That when the times get to hard to bare
We at least attempt to share the burden

I had a nightmare
If someone got knocked down
That they wouldn't get back up
They won't try
They'll lay there
Force their eyes to close
And never wake up

That's why I dream a dream
An idealistic dream
I dream because of the empty chairs I've seen
The holes in hearts
I've seen death in someone's eyes
In friends and family
There is a hole in my heart
And that kind of hole can never be filled

A dream where voices can be heard
Where our love doesn't go unspoken
That our support is met with open ears
That we step back from the edge
Put down the rope
That we learn we are loved
I share my dream with you

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This Poems Story

Last year, one of my best friends killed themselves. It left many people feeling empty and broken, including myself. I wrote this poem in the off chance that I can help anyone, but just knowing that I put this out there makes me feel better.