i trust you, keep me safe.

By ayowyn   

the heart i carry isn’t mine,
but it belongs to me
because my chest cavity is hollow
empty where my heart should be
instead i carry yours
it’s heavier then mine
sometimes you peer inside
to check your heart is still kept safe
under my ribs, beating between my lungs

we didn’t notice the moment they switched
when our heartbeats changed their tune
and instead played an unfamiliar song
one we’d yet to learn

maybe you’ll be a memory
you’re face blurry to my soul
but for now we are songbirds
for now we are the choir
burning, beating and alive
not yet buried in the graveyard of memory

your hands are warm
because your skin runs hot
you borrow my clothes
now my socks never match

i think we’re the same in all the ways that matter
in the way we bike with one hand on the bar and the other to the wind

we bicker for fun
with hidden smiles between us
there’s a language i’ve been speaking my whole life,
yet you’re the first to understand

my hand are cold
but i don’t feel as cold
sometimes i wonder who i was before i met you
or if i met myself the day i realized
whose heart was beating in my chest

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