i try

I try

Oh how I try

I don't want them to be me

When I cant fight is when I swing hardest

I try to be brave

In the nights I cry

I set and think how I got in the mix

This mix of this never ending act

The teen mix of drama

Others have worse

I don't wish to complain

I only wish to put my point across

I try

Oh how I try

I want them to be happy

When they're down I become confused

I try to understand

I don't understand social life very much

It is just a bunch of wires and gossip

In my eyes but

Within the dark you find the light

As in the friends I have made

In the wire of this social life

I try

Oh I try

I can't fight it when I lose

I lose my sanity

I'm no one normal

Abuse ,downgrade no good

Mother father brother

Why must you do this

Am I bad do I deserve this I must

Hoe slut no good cock sucker

Friends am I truly this

Why when I try to be good

Be a protector

Be a brave

Be strong

Be the me they see

I know its a act but

I try

Oh I try

to be the me they see

Why do I play this part

Why do I hide my fear

Fear of

Never fitting in

Never ending the bullying

Never controlling my black out

If you're there

I try to help in your time of need

And I will never leave

You're the reasons

I'm fighting

In my life it was nothing but dark till i get here

Like a new life high school

Till I made my friends

My happiness is thanks to them

No family

No popularity
Nothing but them and this new life

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