i underestimated karma

i see him there staring at me
as i look, i notice him bending on one knee
i do not know if i'm seeing right this all feels like a dream
he grabs my hand, counts to three, then says
baby, will you marry me?
i try to answer, but no words come out
and everything turns black
everyone is laughing
telling me he is never coming back
i run and run and run some more
but where am i going? i've never seen this place before
someone hear me, there's people all around
but i must be invisible 'cause they didn't hear a sound
then suddenly it goes black again and now I am in my bed
feeling tired and sleepy, hearing voices in my head
i just want this to be over with
i much rather be dead
living in this nightmare
with answers left unsaid
like who was that man?
where did he go?
am i alive?
is this a dream?
could this be my karma coming back at me?
suddenly, i hear a sound
a faint voice i know very well
i have awoken from this horrible mess
and finally i am home

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