I Used to Be a Poet

I used to be a poet,
a playwright,
but I stopped writing when reality began outweighing my fantasies
and my words couldn't feed bellies or pay my utilities.

And just like my father,
I drive around town...base up and windows down,
listening to the beat vibrating from my son's heart
as we sing along to the songs,
echoing the lyrics my father sang with me.

He knows no boundaries and has no remorse
No reluctance to stop him from trying
No fear to brave an unpaved course,
No hesistancy to travel the least ventured course.

Just like me--
The me I used to be
Before I told myself poems didn't pay bills
And let the woes of my world silence the words,
A poet without a poem is like sleep without a dream
And the cost of my ambivalence has left me numv.
So how fitting that this poem turns out to be,
The only peace that's left in me.

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