I Used to be Somebody

He used to have a life of ease
Before he fell to the disease
Then schizophrenic he fell apart
Now on the streets with broken heart

He used to serve his country proud
Found himself in a different crowd
Couldn’t go back to the life he had
The past haunted him real bad

She lost her children to the state
Had nothing to live for or at stake
A bent up picture in her pocket
A piece of hair on a locket

A Mother threw a child away
Told it that it could not stay
Said, no more her job to raise
Alone, young, only streets to face

He used to be a school teacher
Now on the corner playing preacher
Talking up to the infinite sky
Asking God the question why

She lived with a stepdad cruel
Hungry she lives on garbage gruel
Trying to forget the daily rape
Always looking for escape

He used to be able to walk
Of what happened he will not talk
With cardboard sign he sits each day
in his wheelchair hoping for some pay

She was evicted from her inherited home
Now she pushes her basket alone
She studies people with good measure
Afraid they’ll steal her cart of treasures

He used to make good grades in school
Until getting high became the rule
In an alley he lays sick without
Waiting for pusher to bring it about

They used to have good jobs in life
Until they were let go in strife
Today they and their children now are
Sleeping, cramped up in their car

He walks down the street talking
Never stops always walking
But what you notice the most
Is he’s always talking to his ghosts

The police drive slow, their cars by
And with a long disgusted sigh
They say move along, move along
you cannot stay, law says it’s wrong

Every soul camped out on the streets
Most people don’t take the time to meet
But each carry their own stories to speak
If only passersby would care enough to seek

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