A visit from my Guardian Angel

Sitting on the edge of this bridge and looking down below
All these thoughts come rushing and the tears begin to flow.
My life is full of disappointments and my future doesn't look bright,
I don't have the strength anymore and I can't continue this fight.

As I start to lean forward and end all this pain
And suddenly I hear a voice speak to me by name.
Angel appeared before me with her colorful wings stretched out
Her Heavenly voice spoke softly as she asked me what this was about.

I told her that I hurt people with the decisions that I make
And that covering up this addiction makes me feel so fake.
I failed as a mother and was in a very good friend
I have abusive scars so deep that I don't think they'll ever mend.
She told me she's watched over me all of my days
She said she wrapped Her Wings around me all the times I pray.

Her had fell in sadness and A Tear came from her eye
The sun came out and sprinkles started falling from the sky
She told me that God loves me through all my hurt and sin
So please asking for forgiveness so my new life can begin
She told me that God sent her to stop me from that fall
That it's not my time and Only God gets to make that call!

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This Poems Story

I wrote this because I was inspired by events that happened in my life and I listen to my angel And I'm hoping this gives somebody hope in the fact that nothing is worth taking your life.