I Vs the White Girl

Sick of being left out;
always pushed aside.
Why? For her; the white girl?
The girl with no shape?
The girl with no hair;
The girl let's you toss her around on glass plates.
She's nasty dancing on straws.
She dances on flames,on pipes and things.
Taking the bit of dignity that remains.
I don't even care that she exist.
I just want to be off of her hit list.
I took pleasure in adding her to my black ball list.
For the pain she caused there is no repair.
She creeped in my life without me even knowing she was there.
She's cunning and deceitful;
isn't my five minutes better than hers?
No one answers; the white girl has stolen their words.
Spaced out;zoned out; I cry to be heard.
As the sensations of her love dissipate;
a silent whisper they allow to escape; "I'm sorry."
In that instant, I'm no longer angry.
Happy the White girl returned my loved ones;
in only five minutes.

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