I Wait and Wait

The sun awaits me,
far beyond this world of crime,
and drugs, and misery.
It lays a path
beneath my feet.
I follow it untill I can stand no more
and wait and wait for what I was meant for.
I waited hours, days, months, and years
but yet I still find my far away fears.
They take me away
and break my everlasting heart.
They bury me and hide me
and torture me too.
They ersase my beautiful path
I've waited on for so long.
I crash and I burn
and I rip my heart out.
For I don't have any use for it anymore.
They take me to thier king, their lord, thier savior in sight
and take me away
from orders of thier lord.
They then throw me into darkness.
There i will wait
for my end to come.
But wait,
I won't, I can't stay here.
I will find my way out.
I will not wait here, not now, not ever
for my skeleton to turn to dust.
I may be alone,
but I am not on my own.
I will find my path agian
and take my turn.
I deserve to be free
and not treated like the absentee.
I will find a new path
where I can be me.

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