I Walk My Balance Beam

By NTK   

I walk my balance beam
But it is not all that it would seem
With every step I take I tire
Because it is not what I desire
With every move I make
I think my concentration will break
I never thought it would get so high
Because I never asked it why
Because with every shaking of the table
I know my next step could be fatal
I walk my balance beam

Then someone I barely knew
Rose up amidst the gloom
You never even knew you tried
That you helped me survive
Every step was made more sure
Knowing the world was a little more pure
Two hands on my balance beam

One from a time long forgotten
From a time that I thought was rotten
One as quiet as can be
Was always there to help me see
One you would never even hear
Was always there to lend an ear
Two hands on my balance beam

You caused me so much pain
But you helped me see inside my brain
My sanity was kept intact
Knowing that you had my back
Teaching me the best lesson of all
Was that it was okay to fall
Two hands on my balance beam

He was someone no one knew
But without him I was doomed
I thought he stabbed me in the back
But he just kept me on the track
Subtly is how he excelled
And he kept me out of Hell
Two hands on my balance beam

You are the smallest one of them all
But you were the one who saw me take the fall
Everything I knew had been shot
I thought I would be left to rot
Without you my steps would be short
But you always held down the fort
Looking down deep below
I thought it was my time to go
You went and proved me wrong
You showed that one’s heart could still beat strong
You showed me that there was hope
To get me off that slippery slope
2 hands on my balance beam

10 hands strong and true
10 hands that I barely knew
10 hands that keep me steady
10 hands that told me I was not ready
10 hands that keep me sane
10 hands that help me shut off my brain
10 hands unconscious of their efforts
10 hands that made life so much better
10 hands on my balance beam

So I walk this beam and do not stumble
Because I am not ready to take the tumble
I walk it with confidence and grace
Even when I fall on my face
So to those who walk this beam with me
Know that it is not all that it seems
Its condition might be poor
But it is always worth fighting for
All your supports might tear and crumble
But your beam will never rumble
Two hands will always be on your balance beam
Because two hands were there for me

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This Poems Story

It is about what it took someone to get out of depression.