I Walked In…

I walked in...
Because I had to
But never in a million years
Did I think this would be you
This was certainly a movie I had seen this one before
About an alcoholic who was living next door
Then I walked in...
Lying in the bed it was you my sister once again,
Unresponsive and struggling from this war she won't win
With Beer cans in the closet, tucked up in the clothes
Hiding wine in the shoes stacked in neat rows
Then I walked in...
Overwhelmed with what I saw
I could not even pick up the phone to make a single call
My heart is truly broken, sadness fills my soul ,
I am your sister so please tell me my role
Then I sob hysterically and tears fill my eyes
How in the world could I have believed all these lies
Shaking, barely moving, as sick as can be
Deep down you were wishing I would just leave
Then I walked in...
Looking for a recipe to cure her addiction fast,
Certainly I could fix the problem and it would be over at last
Unfortunately, it's not that easy the battle rages on
Until my sister wakes up some day and decides she's finally done
I can't change anything and that rocks me to the core
An alcoholic must decide if they choose to drink no more
I pray to God to give her strength and figure out a way,
To love herself and find her reason not to go astray.

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