I Wandered Lonely in the Cloud

I wandered lonely in the cloud
A nebulous space of bits and bytes,
Within the mass appeared a shroud,
A cascade, of glittering lights;
Under the display, some QWERTY keys,
Provide the password please.

A never ending, digital line
Every sequence turning grey,
Interwoven an unending vine
Could fuzzy logic save the day?
A million solutions as if in a trance,
Perhaps with a guess: an entry by chance.

Limited band-width damped the bouquet;
But fibre optic set messages free:
A coder with this new causeway,
Unfettered now a wide broad-way:
I typed-and typed- it brought me nought
That undiscovered source I sought:

So in my sleep algorithms fly
That password must be rather shrewd,
Revised thoughts to codify
This viscous problem to conclude;
Then all at once as if in flight,
The solution appears to my delight.

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